Anderson Trailer Levelers

We purchased a set of Anderson Levelers after seeing several post on the internet about how great they were.  We thought anything would be better than the blocks of wood we were stacking up... Who wants to haul wet wood blocks in their basement?

We picked up Ultimate Trailer Gear Duffel Bag on sale at a local rv dealer. It contained the levelers, extra chocks, large wedge jack, jack pads and a step mat all in a carry bag. We got home and wanted to try out the levelers before we needed them on the road. Good thing we did... The leveler would not fit between the wheels so we could pull up on it. We were very disappointed. We figured that we were not the only ones with this problem. There were no instructions in our kit - we were not sure if there were supposed to be any or not.

To long to fit between the tires

Paul decided to look on the internet to see if anyone else had this problem before we took the kit back for a refund. Delise decided to call the factory and ask them if there was a fix or if they made a shorter wedge. Before I found the answer online, Delise said we received an email with instructions on how to cut off a little piece to make it fit between the wheels... Great customer service!

We decided to use the miter saw and put a little angle on the cut. It only took a second to cut off about 2 inches. Since we only need one to fit between the tires, that is all we cut.

Below is a photo of the jacks in action as well as some other shots of the kit. We are parked at home on some soft ground at the moment - that is why we have a board under the wedges.

We have used them several times on trips and are very happy with the results. We have tried backing on as well as pulling forward on them. It does not seem to make any difference.


A year of Real world use...
We have been using these as our only levelers for about a year now and are very satisfied. We were using wood blocks and you know how dirty and stinky they can get. 
These are much easier to use than the stacked blocks since you do not have to move off of the blocks to place one or 2 more to get level. You just back up a little to go higher or pull forward to lower...

We have also used the jack pads which are a little smaller than we would like but have worked well. The step is nice and does a great job of cleaning our shoes and keeping dirt out of the unit - don't step on it with bare feet, it hurts!
Luckily we have not needed the Rapid Jack so we do not have any feedback on it although it should work as described.
Everything packs easily back into the carry bag which also helps to keep our basement clean by capturing the dirt.
We are happy with this purchase!