We're buying a what?

Ok, I know you have heard the term putting the cart before the horse... well that's what we did recently.  As most of you know we love to travel.  America is such a beautiful country, there is so much to see, and we want to see it all.


We have talked about a Vacation house in the mountains, but then we would have to take a trip to see the beach... We love Pineola so much, but when we are home we are always working so we needed a getaway.  In the summer of 2012 the three of us (you know our sweet Miss Paula) spent a month touring Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana - it was a dream trip.  That trip made us want to see more. We always try to travel the most economical way possible, points for hotel rooms, points for airline tickets.

We have always loved to stay at home-away homes, and vacation rentals by owner homes. These are sites where you can rent homes that you can stay in for a week at the time. They usually have great rates, several bedrooms and kitchens where we can cook our own meals, no expensive dinners out. We love to stay in one spot for a week and explore and we have stayed in some beautiful homes.  We always thought it would be nice to take your home with you, we always dreaded packing to move. On that summer trip we saw so many RV's and started thinking about how that my work for us, as you know we have to do a lot of research before we make a decision.

picstitch (9).jpg

We started going to RV shows, talking with RV owners and reading everything we could find online. About one afternoon a month, when we needed to get away, we would go to the local dealerships and look at RVs. We studied them, talk about what we liked and the things we would someday want in a camper. We have been looking at campers for almost 2 years.  One afternoon we went to the RV dealership and looked at a used fifth wheel that was on the lot (we fell in love). A few days later it was ours - a Heartland Bighorn 3100rl.  Since we didn't have a truck to pull it with, we had to borrow a friends truck to get the fifth wheel home. Now that’s putting the cart before the horse, so let the adventure began!

Heartland Bighorn 3100rl