We Got The Horse...

Okay not literally.

But we did get a truck in march that will pull our camper. It's a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD duramax diesel with the Allison transmission. We traded in our 2009 Tahoe, I sure am going to miss that Tahoe!  If you read our blog about or new ( used) camper you know we didn't even have anything to pull it with. Paul had decided what he wanted and the search began.  I do not like to shop (ok maybe for flowers or antiques)  but not for Clothes or cars. I know nothing about cars, you could pull up in a Maserati or a mustang and I would not know the difference. But Paul on the other hand, he knows what it will pull, what the mileage should be, what the resale is and how much we should pay. So truck shopping we went... Paul had not seen what he wanted at a price he was willing to pay. Then it hit us... we had the cutest couple get married at Pineola in September of 2012, Nicki and Justin. 

Nicki 's dad owns Hamby Chevrolet in Perry. Nicki and Justin were so much fun to work with and we just loved doing their wedding. The last thing Mr. hamby said to us was "if your ever shopping for a car, come see me". So we did... Well after 3 days of negotiation, and Chevrolet sending us a voucher for an extra $1000 off the price, this is our new truck. We took it home and introduced it to the camper. We know they will take us on may adventures.

Chevrolet 2500HD

We had the truck and the 5th wheel but had no idea what kind of hitch we wanted. Paul had done a lot of research and all the brands had positive and negative things about them. Delise decided to ask the question on one of the rv groups on Facebook.

The overwhelming response was the Companion 5th wheel hitch by B & W Trailer Hitches. It cost a little more than the traditional hitches since it combines a Goose Neck hitch with the add on 5th wheel hitch. The great thing about it is that it can be easily removed from the truck bed in about 5 minutes. After removing the hitch you can use the bed with no obstructions - No rails sticking up since the goose-neck hitch is under the truck bed. If you want to see a quick little video showing the hitch and some of it's features Click Here.

The quality of this hitch is amazing and it is Made in America. Very easy hookup and release, even for beginners like us. It has a very positive feel when the jaws lock in place plus it is very easy to look and see that they are closed.

We can be added to the long list of people recommending the Companion Hitch!