More from the Big Apple - Sightseeing, Food and Plays

While in New York on business in April, we also got to see Blair Brown in the play Nikolai and the Others. Blair is the daughter of a great friend of ours, Ann Brown. Those of you who knew Ann will remember she was a beautiful giving person...a true lady. We were so blessed to have been her friends.  Ann was one of those people that made everyone feel so special. Because of Ann we met her daughter, Blair Brown (she is a Tony winner) and a great actress. But to us she is Ann’s only child. While in New York Blair invited us to come see her at Lincoln center in the play Nikolai and the Others. The play was about a bunch of Russian theater people and a weekend they spent together in the country. It was very complex; throughout the play you began to understand the relationships between all of the characters. Blair played a woman much older than herself which required her to wear a wig - it made her look a lot like her mom. It was a very interesting play and we are so glad we got to see it.

We went into the city about 11 am (we rested after a long weekend at the trade show) for an afternoon of walking and sightseeing. If you are there in April be sure to check out the tulips at Rockefeller Center. Two years ago we were here with family and went to the observation deck (Top of the Rock). It is pretty amazing - The Empire State Building in one direction and Central Park in the other.

We were also lucky to walk by St Patrick's Cathedral which is going through a major restoration. This is an amazing Church. The scaffolding they erected for the restoration is also amazing. You can barely tell that the church is underneath all of it. It also covers most of the interior.

We told you before about Nocello. We first visited Nocello's Italian Restaurant about 2 years ago and have been back 3 times. It is one of those restaurants that you would consider a local secret. The food is delicious - and rich! Luckily you can get half orders.

Port Authority Bus Terminal - 3 crazy stories of buses to everywhere!

After the play we were invited to go backstage to meet the cast (we felt like stars) then the three of us went out for a late night snack followed by a fast ride in a New York taxi back to the bus terminal. The last bus left the Port Authority Bus Terminal for our hotel 1:15. This place is huge. We have been through there several times but not usually in the middle of the night.  The crowds were a little smaller at that time but it is still bustling with activity. We arrived at about 12:50 am and discovered that the departure gate had been changed from the 3rd floor, gate 320 to gate 82, 3 floors down.  We knew if we missed the bus it would cost us at least $70 for a taxi. After a small panic we did locate the correct gate and even reassured a few locals that they were at the right place.

New York City can be scary, especially the first few times you visit. If you are ever near the city and have an extra day or two we would highly recommend you take the time to visit. You will not forget the experience - while it is a very busy and fast paced, most of the people will try to help if you get lost or just need a little advice.

We love visiting for a few days each year, but we sure are glad to get back to the country!