Memories in Sea Glass...

Four summers ago we took a trip to Maine (now that is a beautiful State). We were lucky enough to tour the coast from Portland to Campobello Island. While in Maine, Miss Paula and I had the best time looking for sea glass and Paul had a great time eating Lobster. 

Waiting for the ferry

Waiting for the ferry

While on Campobello Island waiting for the ferry to take us over to Deer Island, Miss Paula and I started looking for sea glass - she had been reading about this elusive glass before we made our trip. Paula found a beautiful piece of antique blue China, a true Treasure. A little later I too found a couple of pieces of blue china. We both found quite a bit of glass and a little china. and we said we should have necklaces made out of some of the nicer ones to remember our wonderful trip to Maine. 

Looking for sea glass

Looking for sea glass

Now if you remember at the beginning of this story I told you that was four summers ago. While Paul and I were working our booth at a dog grooming show in Ohio this summer,  I noticed a woman wearing a beautiful necklace.  I asked her where she had gotten it and she told me that she was a sea glass Jewelry designer.
The first thing that came to my mind was Miss Paula's and my blue China that we have not yet done anything with. Then I got real excited when I remembered that I had my blue pieces of China in a bowl in the camper with us.
The next day we brought the bowl of sea glass to the show and Cindy Mullen (Jewelry Designer) met us at the booth, she assured me that she would take great care of my pieces of China . I can't tell you how hard it was to let her take them with her.  Cindy's company is Blackdog Design and she does Exquisite work.  I could not be any happier with my Necklace.  Cindy took my two pieces of china and created a one of a kind beautifully designed pendant!

These are some photos Cindy posted during the process

These are some photos Cindy posted during the process

The finished piece - Sea Glass Necklace made from China found on Campobello Island.

Every time I put it on I will think of our wonderful time in Maine and the fun Miss Paula and I had looking for Treasures that will last a lifetime. Miss Paula's 80th birthday is coming up this year, as soon as she can locate her piece of china she too will have a Necklace.

So glad Miss Paula enjoyed this post. She is such a great writer! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

From Miss Paula - these pictures take me back to those wonderful days of searching for jewels of the sea with you two. Paul, you...your typical, ever patient self,  indulged our appetites for searching just one more great spot for a hunt.Delise, your enthusiasm adding to my own wild desire to search a new stretch of beach...we simply could not resist one more chance for finding another "Mermaid Tear." (Legend has it, as we have now learned, that the shards of seaglass were the tears of the mermaids saddened by the death of drowned sailors.)

Searching for these gems fast became a passion for us...enchanted by the beauty of each piece, polished by the sea over many, many years, we were fascinated by the stories each piece must hold .....the stories they could tell. Will we ever have more fun than we did those days on the coast of Maine?And once in a while....just now and then... every possible chance....(usually after the sun went down,) we rewarded our kind and handsome driver with the lobster dinner of his choice...more often than not at the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound. And by the way, wearing a pendant of the jewels of the sea will be a joy forever.  When I look at your treasured piece of blue and white china, Delise, we are right back there on Campobello Island in our quest to find and experience all things drenched in history.  Thank you...thank you for the memories. 

Here are a few more photos from our trip...

We love Southwest Harbor, Maine

Paul ate lobster all but 3 days when we were in Maine. Lobster sandwich, lobster roll, lobster stew, lobster ice cream... This Lobster is from  Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound  - The best we have ever tasted!

Paul ate lobster all but 3 days when we were in Maine. Lobster sandwich, lobster roll, lobster stew, lobster ice cream... This Lobster is from Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound - The best we have ever tasted!

The sunrises near Machiasport, ME are beautiful if you want to get up at 4:30 am to see them. The nights are very short this far north.